Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah has become one of the fastest blooming choices for fixing a business within the UAE. The location of the city gives an immediate entrance to North Africa and therefore the Indian Ocean, which provides a sea of opportunities and recognition for business owners as well as for trading. Sharjah has quickly taken over the minds and hearts of business owners due to the liberal economy it offers. The workforce is highly skilled and professional which makes it very convenient to open a business in Sharjah.

The benefits of starting a business in the city are numerous. To begin with, like the other cities of the UAE,

  • Sharjah has no corporate taxation system with no barriers or regulations to trade.
  • One of the biggest advantages that the city provides over other emirates is that there is no need for an area sponsor for an International company to set up.
  • The tax levies on export and import are exempted.
  • Advanced communication systems, warehousing facilities, easy transactions are a few of the factors worth setting up a business for.
  • Companies can choose industrial, commercial or professional licenses, depending upon the sort of business one is looking to start. You will have to choose from an indebtedness company, a partnership company, an area service agent, or a public or private shareholding company to settle on from. The chances are endless with an enormous number of benefits whichever way you go.

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