Registered Offices and Corporate Services

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates which are Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm al-Quwain. The UAE is located in the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf. Neighboring countries include Oman, Saudi Arabia in the south while sharing maritime borders with Qatar in the west and Iran to the north. UAE is spread across 83600 square km with over 9 million population. The country is a member of many prestigious organizations like The UN, The Arab League, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, OPEC, The Non-Aligned Movement, and The Gulf Cooperation Council.

With a diversified economy that is currently expanding from petroleum to tourism, science and technology have become the central point for world trade and commerce. One of the biggest attractions and reasons to join the UAE economy are the tax incentives for companies within the country. The facilitation of the country’s economy is based around free trade zones within the territory to promote the foreign and domestic flow of investments. Security and safety come along with the establishment of industries or companies in the form of strict confidentiality and secrecy regarding insider data. Any company in the country is formed within the incorporation jurisdictions which are the mainland company incorporation, the free port company incorporation, and the offshore company incorporation. Sole proprietorship, general and partnership, public and private shareholding, limited liability companies are the sorts of businesses established in the country.

Apart from these aids, SHAMS also provides a variety of offices for creative entrepreneurs. Options ranges from dedicated office spaces, shared office spaces, and creative units which are stand-alone offices and community areas.

CORPORATION setup process


Counting on the shape or activity of a corporation, one among the subsequent licenses are going to be issued:

  • Commercial License – This license is issued to a trading company.
  • Industrial License – This license is issued to companies looking to start up a producing or industrial business.
  • Professional License – This license is issued to service providers, professionals, artisans, and craftsmen.

Company registration and incorporation within the United Arab Emirates is permitted by the corporate Registry Office, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Federation of UAE.


Last, but not least, these are the few registration requirements for a corporation within the country. These include:

  • The Memorandum of Associations,
  • Approved companies name certificate,
  • New company including passport,
  • Address
  • Three months’ statement
  • Resume and academic certificates
  • Certificate of share capital deposit during a UAE corporate bank account
  • Signed lease agreement for office premises or Flexi desk in UAE
  • A service agreement with UAE citizens because the 51% local shareholder (mainland company only) and
  • A commercial service agreement with a UAE company to act as an agent for a free port company